Frequently Asked Questions


Will there be outside assignment?

Periodically, but not every week! A few over the course of the year. Some will be optional, some will not.

When will assignments need to be handed in?

On time when they are asked for! You will lose points if they are late.

What needs to be on each assignment?

Must have learner’s name, phone, location, class name and date turned in.  For example: John Smith, 874-XXXX, Delta, Biology, September 8, 2017.


Learners are encouraged to attend every session for the full school year of 32 weeks.  Absences require excuse from parents, guardian etc.

Attendance will be taken at each class.


Polite, courteous, and respectful to one another and the instructor

Course jokes and making fun of one another is not acceptable

Ridiculing, making fun of people (even in a textbook) or their ideas is also not acceptable


Instructor will provide a certificate at the end of the school year verifying learner’s full name, name of class completed, duration of class, date issued, grade and total in-class hours spent on subject for those learners who successfully complete the requirements

Classroom Etiquette

Bell signals everyone be quiet

No horsing around (especially during labs)

Appropriate comments and questions encouraged when called on by raising hands

Codes of behavior as outlined in SJCHE and SPICE directories will be adhered to

Conduct in building

We are guests at the location where the classes are being held

We all are to clean up after every session, leaving the room and building in the same or

better condition than when we first arrived—Leave No Trace!

Only the specific classroom and bathrooms are open to the learners

No running in the building; exploring other areas will not be tolerated!

No skateboarding in or around building

Dismissal from class

Unacceptable or unsafe behavior

Disruptive to other learners

Immodest clothing (based on the instructor’s opinion)

Do we need to fill out a new Educator/Learner agreement each year?

Yes. We need a new one each year. First, some small or large bit of your info may have changed since last year. You may not remember that something has changed.

Second, the E/L agreement is class name, location and time specific. Each year you will be attending a new class. Yearly class files are kept “in tact” in case we would have to go back and research something particular to that year for you.


How long are the classes and labs?

General Science = 2 hrs total for class and lab; meets one time per week

Physical Science = 2 hrs & 15 min total for class and lab; meets one time/week

Biology = 3 hrs total for class and lab; meets one time per week

Chemistry = 3 hs total for class and lab; meets one time per week

Advanced Biology = 3 hrs total for class and lab; meets one time per week

How long is your regular school year?

All classes start and stop concurrently for 32 weeks

When do you begin classes?

Usually just before and right after Labor Day (to remain concurrent)

When do you end classes?

All end concurrently just before Memorial Day

How long do you keep class business files, records of grades and my personal info?

Likely we will keep hard copy files with grades for 3-4 years. After that they will be shredded.

Instructor-Parent Consultation available

If learner is struggling, falling behind, low grades, unbecoming attitude

Lab Time

Do your classes include lab time?

Yes! All classes offered include lab and/or demonstration time during part of each class


Learner’s Preparation

Read the text material prior to the topic being covered in a classroom/lab!

Bring all your necessary lab materials and equipment each week! (You lose points if you fail to bring items!)


Payment Policy

Tuition payment for each the semester is due before first day of class, unless arrangements are made in advance

Payments are nonrefundable!

No refunds will be given if a “snow” “flood” or other major-impact weather event occurs

Missed classes (for whatever reason) are not refundable

Parents’ Responsibility

Parents/guardian are to grade at-home, self-tests and on your own questions done

Parents will determine learner’s overall grade (instructor will provide input and info)

Parent will determine how and if to incorporate quiz scores into learner’s end of year grade (there are many possible ways to do this)

Parents and learner will calculate total number of hours spent on subject matter while at home

Participation and Questions encouraged

But relative to topic at hand!


Unsupervised children

Other family members, friends, etc may not be “dropped off” before or during the learner’s specified class time or otherwise “loiter” near the classroom area unless specific arrangements are made in advance

Quiz Grading

The in class quiz grade is based on following scale

A+ 97-100             B+ 87-89               C+ 77-79               D+ 67-69

A 94-96                   B 84-86                  C 74-76                  D 64-66

A- 90-93                 B- 80-83                C- 70-73                D- 60-63

Generally, Dr. Dan Korow will round up when a learner is borderline for their cumulative quiz grade for the semester if they have performed well, shown improvement and

they usually have displayed a heart to learn.


The quiz is a “learning tool” to reinforce material and help instructor gauge overall learner understanding

Quiz is on the “honor system”

Each week’s quiz will usually be 20 questions, but that may vary

Extra-credit questions may be available on some quizzes to improve grade

One quiz grade score (the lowest raw score) of first semester will be dropped