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    Before he was “Dr. Dan”, he grew up in NE Ohio always want­ing to look at bugs,...

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    There are many benefits to our services! 

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Welcome to Dr. Dan Science

Dr. Dan is so glad you’re here to enjoy tremendous science learning ONLINE! Take us everywhere and share the fun! Find new perspectives in your world while you critically think, investigate and “learn how to learn”. Stories, pictures, illustrations and more - learning happens at any age! Wonderful for all learning styles, abilities and modalities. Meaning: hit replay, slow down or speed up based on YOUR needs! Great, too, for medical folks who want to “freshen up” for boards, certification and having understandable explanations! Whatever your need, we’re here to inspire you!

Dr. Dan wowed the home school community of Western CO since 2005. Now you will enjoy the finest online science classes and labs accessible to families everywhere!

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What are the Benefits of Dr. Dan Science?

We are committed to teaching your children to understand science. Dr. Dan makes it fun and interesting with many fun ways to remember the information.

“Every­one knows sci­ence is amaz­ingly complex.
Not many peo­ple know how fun it can be for kids.”
Dr. Dan

Many have been able to CLEP out of college courses after taking Dr. Dan's Science classes saving them thousands of dollars in college.



There are many benefits to our services! 

Allow us to highlight some of...



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Our heart’s desire is for everyone who wants to take one of Dr. Dan’s...


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