Physical science teaches students about the world around them and helps prepare students for physics courses later in their academic career, or simply how to be a better resident of planet earth. If your students likes to build and operate things, this is the course for them. Best of all, there’s no dissection!

Although we do use a text-book, we are not limited by one. Dr. Dan draws on many different sources such as additional texts and articles, diagrams, illustrations, stories, media reports, current events, basically anything that can add excitement to the material. It’s a tremendous learning experience that can’t be duplicated in just working through a text book alone.

Prerequisites: General Science with Dr. Dan is helpful but not required. If the student is at a satisfactory level of learning they can still be accepted into the class.

Physical Science Introduction Video

Credit Hours Available 1
Term of Class and Lab 32 Weeks
Length of Each Class +/-2 Hours 15 Minutes
Frequency of Each Class At your convenience
Lab Videos Included? Yes
Typical Grade Level 8th/9th

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