What about cost?

Our heart’s desire is for everyone who wants to take one of Dr. Dan’s science classes to be able to so every year they desire! So please understand that we will work with you to find a way for your student(s) to take classes.

You’ll enjoy many discounts opportunities!

  • Referring others
  • Early registration
  • Multi-child registrations per year
  • Helps: skilled and basic
  • Assistance in key areas and more

At the same time, please realize that this is our primary income for our family.  Many Western Colorado families know that these classes are well worth the time and money. Many students successfully take the CLEP, AP, and other tests to save thousands of dollars! Click this link to hear what other moms say about Dr. Dan’s Science. https://www.facebook.com/learning.drdanscience/videos/710101562422794/

Participating in Dr. Dan’s Science and applying his Learning Techniques may even help your child land a scholarship!

Click here to find out the cost if you plan to pay for the entire class with your own funds (self-fund).

Click here to find out your out of pocket cost if you are 1) in Mesa Valley Community School and 2) you intend to submit lab invoices for funding. (You can be enrolled in MVCS and still self-fund Dr. Dan’s Science if you want to.)

We have the same cost for both self-funded students and MVCS funded students. The reason for separate cost info pages is because MVCS will pay for the lab portion of the class but not the lecture portion, the MVCS cost page breaks that down. MVCS will only pay for the lab portion because Dr. Dan wants to be able to share the wonderful creations of our great Creator from a Biblical Worldview in his lectures.
We started teaching during Sept 2005. We have only adjusted our rates once since then. Currently, you’ll have the very best value this year! Dr. Dan Science offers more time, materials, hands-on, edited videos and opportunities to learn than in earlier years. Remember, rates have been the same since 2009!

We hope you’ll join us for exciting adventure into science! We thank the Lord that He provides such wonderful children and families each year.

Blessings to you and your family,
Dr. Dan – The Science Man