How much does Dr. Dan’s Science Cost for Self-Funded Students?

Well, first we want you to know that we desire for everyone who wants to take the class to be able to take the class. Therefore we offer referral discounts, early registration discounts, and multiple child discounts. We also need different people to help us that have skills that we can use and we will accept work for class tuition. So please understand that we will work with you to find a way for your student(s) to take the class. At the same time, please understand that this is our primary income for our family and we believe that these classes are well worth the money. Many students are able to take the CLEP test which saves them from spending thousands of dollars to take the college science course.

The Courses include: Class, Lab, and Online access to our learning site which includes class videos, handouts, quizzes, etc.

Course Cost Cost/Semester Monthly Cost
General Science (64 hrs*) $594.00 $297.00 $67.95/month for 9 months
Physical Science (72 hrs*) $620.00 $310.00 $69.95/month for 9 months
Biology (96 hrs*) $880.00 $440.00 $98.95/month for 9 months
Chemistry (96 hrs*) $880.00 $440.00 $98.95/month for 9 months
Advanced Biology (96 hrs*) $880.00 $440.00 $98.95/month for 9 months

*Hours refers to in class time with Dr. Dan. Other hours at home will vary.

Here are the discounts that we offer on the above pricing:

  • Online Registration Discount: $10 off once per year
  • Early Bird Discount: 10% off if registered with a deposit by March 31st
  • Referral Discount: 10% of the tuition from whom you referred once paid in full. There is no limit to this discount. For further details click here.
  • Point Person Discount: $25 off good once per school year. For further details click here.
  • The multiple student or multiple course discount: Multi-student discount is for the immediate family, usually living in the same location. If you have more than one student taking Dr. Dan’s class in a year or the same student is taking multiple classes in the same year then take the following percentage off each class that your family is paying for:
# of Children Enrolled % off per child
2 Students or courses 5%
3 students 10%
4 or more Contact us for Discount
Coop/Group Contact us for Discount

All these discounts accumulate for the course you take.

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