What is the Process to Apply for Dr. Dan’s classes?

1.  [  ] Inquire and/or visit a FREE class

2.  [  ] Get info (usually via e-mail)

3.  [  ] Parent and learner(s) read(s) through info

4.  [  ] Ask questions if needed

5.  [  ] Apply for one or more of Dr. Dan’s classes

6.  A.  Application reviewed by Dr. Dan (if returning learner). Could include consult with parent
B.  Application reviewed by Andrea (if new learner) Could include consult with  parent then with Dr Dan

7.  [  ] Learner is accepted and then enrolled in one (or more) of Dr. Dan’s classes

8.  [  ] Educator/Learner Agreement, FAQ’s, Lab rules and regulations, Emergency Contact Form are read, filled in and signed by both Parent and Learner

9.  [  ] Deposit payment of $50 is sent to EESI to hold spot in class. Deposit applies toward tuition unless you withdraw from class before completion.

10.  [  ] Text books, notebooks, supplies, lab kits (if needed) and other immediate materials are obtained PRIOR to the start of the first class.

11.  [  ] FIRST SEMESTER payment is due 7 days prior to the first class (usually close to Labor Day).

12.  [  ] Learner and parent attends first class session which also includes orientation. Starts close to Labor Day

13.  [  ] SECOND SEMESTER payment is due 7 days prior to the first class of the second semester (usually early January)

14.  [  ] Certificate of completion given to all who complete their class!