Study General Science with Dr. Dan online with streaming HD videos, Interactive quizzing, Virtual laboratory experiments and so much more, all at a price that every home schooling family can afford!

This beginning science class will give you the needed skills and background to excel for the rest of your science education.  It provides the proper foundation for not only a science education, but a well-rounded education period.

Beyond science, the class will help your student learn how to learn and remember.  They will have fun doing lots of hands on.  They will learn some basic science history; not enough to get boring, but just enough so that the student will know who the scientific giants were and how we can learn from them.  They will begin to learn how the human anatomy is wonderfully and fearfully made.

Although we do use a text-book, we are not limited by one.  Dr. Dan draws on many different sources such as additional texts and articles, diagrams, illustrations, stories, media reports, current events, basically anything that can add excitement to the material.  It’s a tremendous learning experience that can’t be duplicated in just working through a text book alone!