The following forms need to be read, signed (when applicable) and returned to Dr. Dan.

  1. The parent and the student need to read each form.
  2. Please print a copy for the student’s notebook and the parent as needed.
  3. Both the parent and the student need to read and sign/initial where appropriate on the forms.
  4. Bring or send in the forms that need to be signed. Agreement, Frequently Asked Questions, Lab Guidelines and Practices, and Emergency Contact Form
  5. Please bring/send in only the signature pages of these forms! Retain the other pages for you future reference 🙂


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All students and parent / guardian / etc.:

  • Must sub­mit sig­na­tures to par­tic­i­pate in Dr. Dan’s sci­ence classes!
  • Are highly encouraged to attend the first class session which includes orientation!
  • Are really encouraged to tell your friends ASAP about Dr Dan Science – even mid year! You’ll enjoy the benefits!