Human Body Slide Set

This listing of laboratory equipment assumes that the student already has a microscope and set of dissection tools. If you must make a choice of equipment to purchase, the most important item you can get is the human anatomy coloring book if you are going on in any medical area.

The slide kit is not required but is very helpful if you want to continue in a scientific, medical field.

The slide set includes:

– Human blood smear
– Human mouth, epithelial cells
– Human striated muscle
– Human heart muscle
– Human cerebrum
– Human tonsil w/lymph nodes
– Human lung
– Human skin
– Human skin w/t.s.hairs
– Human stomach
– Human red bone marrow
– Human testis
– Human salivary gland
– Human spermatazoa
– Human bone tissue
– Human liver tissue
– Blood typing kit (We will not be doing this lab in class – optional if you want to do it at home!)

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