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Advanced Biol Semester 1

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Course Overview

Dr. Dan’s ADVANCED BIOLOGY course SEMESTER 1 (Class ONLY) is a perfect introduction to the miraculous science of life from a Biblical Worldview and offers one high school credit. God’s fingerprints are all over every cell, tissue, organ and system of the body.Truly the human body is the masterpiece of God’s creation.

Both courses of Advanced Biology (Semester 1 and 2) are self-paced, comprehensive, and combined, total 32 weeks of instruction. They are the perfect introduction to the miraculous science of anatomy and physiology. In each Science course, Dr. Daniel Korow DVM presents the key concepts and ideas that makes Advanced Biology come alive! He draws from many sources creating a total package that integrates General Science, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, as well as his experiences as a veterinarian.

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In addition, Dr. Dan’s Advanced Biology will help your student : “Learn how to learn” and remember those facts and names that seem to be overwhelming. This course is designed to make Science understandable. Memorization may work on the short term to get that “A” on an exam, but understanding and mastery of the material will last a lifetime!

Did you know?

Many of our local home schoolers using the Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology, 2nd Edition also complete the “On Your Own” questions in the text book as well as the Apologia’s self-tests in the Advanced Biology Test & Solutions book. Those homeschoolers are well prepared for later exams, testing and real-time use of their Advanced Biology knowledge!

When both semesters are taken, they offer one high school credit.

Why Take Dr. Dan’s Advanced Biology Courses

  • Learn Advanced Biology when your schedule permits throughout the Week
  • Each video is a superior quality, fully illustrated, Power Point presentation
  • The material for every module (week) is divided into several separate videos. On average each module has 7-8 Class Videos. Watch them all at once for approximately 1 hour of viewing, or watch one small segment each day during the school week.
  • Watch the videos as many times as needed to master the material
  • Hone your notetaking skills by pausing videos, slowing their speed, repeating the content
  • Semester 1 Video Library includes 131 videos –

Orientation to Biology (2) – Getting started

How to Study Mini-video series (5) – Life skills that will last a lifetime

Class Videos (124) – Over 16 weeks of material

Study Helps – Charts (downloadable PDFs), Acronyms and Mneumonics – aid in comprehension while keeping the BIG picture

  • Online Class Quizzing Over Each Module

Course Available Mid Summer 2018


Orientation to Advanced Biology

     Orientation Videos

  • Orientation to Class 15:30
  • Orientation to Lab 4:35

    How to Study Mini-Series Videos

  • Preparation Before Studying 10:09
  • While You Study 5:14
  • The Study Environment 3:38
  • Study Helps 4:20
  • Study Tricks 25:47

Module 1: An Introduction – Anatomy and Physiology

Reading Assignment: Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology 2nd Edition by Wile Pages

Lecture Videos: Introduction  – Anatomy and Physiology

  • An Introduction: Anatomy and Physiology 16:59
  • Classification of the Human Body 12:24
  • Homeostasis: Keeping the Body in Balance 14:07
  • Cytology: Various Organelles 22:51
  • Diseases Involving Organelles 5:37

Lecture Quiz: Anatomy and Physiology

Module 2: The Ribosomes, Nucleus and the Cell Membrane

Reading Assignment: Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology 2nd Edition by Wile Pages

Lecture Videos: Taxonomy (Classifying Life)

  • Overview of Today’s Topics 5:20
  • Protein Synthesis: Transcription – Step 1 18:12
  • Protein Synthesis: Translation – Step 2 9:58
  • Cell Reproduction: Mitosis and Meiosis 1 and Meiosis 2 16:28
  • Homeostasis:The Fluid Mosiac Model – The Plasma Membrane 14:38
  • The Physiology of the Fluid Mosiac Model – Homeostasis with Selective Permeability 9:01
  • The Physiology of the Fluid Mosiac Model – Homeostasis with Two Transport Mechanisms 10:15

Lecture Quiz: 

Module 3: Epithelial Tissue

Reading Assignment: Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology 2nd Edition by Wile Pages

Lecture Videos: General Characteristics of Epithelial Tissue

  • Histology: An Introduction 4:48
  • Epithelial Tissue: An Introduction 9:14
  • Epithelial Tissue: Its’ Function 4:56
  • Epithelial Tissue: The Classification System 7:46
  • Epithelial Tissue: The Classification System – A Single Layer 9:27
  • Epithelial Tissue: The Classification System Stratified Layers 24:07
  • Epithelial Tissue: Two Types of Glands 5:47

Lecture Quiz: Epithelial Tissue

Module 4: Connective Tissue

Reading Assignment: Exploring Creation with Advanced Biology 2nd Edition by Wile: Pages

Lecture Videos: Four Types of Connective Tissue

  • Review of the Tissue Types 3:31
  • Connective Tissue: An Overview 12:12
  • Connective Tissue: Connective Tissue Proper 15:31
  • Connective Tissue: Cartilage 13:01
  • Connective Tissue: Bone 3:23
  • Connective Tissue: Blood 2:03
  • Connective Tissue: A Case Study 4:32
  • Connective Tissue: A Case Study Revisited 2:55
  • Connective Tissue: Three Types of Membranes 6:35
  • Tissue Repair 6:48

Lecture Quiz: Connective Tissue

                       Required for the Advanced Biology Class

1) Included in the Total Course Price $ 199.00 per Semester

  • Dan’s Advanced Biology CLASS Videos – 101
  • Dan’s Advanced Biology CLASS Quizzes
  • Dan’s Biology STUDY aids


2) Additional Purchases Necessary

  • Exploring Creation in Advanced Biology Textbook, 2nd ed. by Jay Wile, Apologia Press (Text book)
  • Exploring Creation in Advanced Biology Solutions Manual, 2nd ed. by Jay Wile, Apologia Press (Test & Solutions book). Both can be purchased individually or as a set. Many available online both new/used.                                                                                         

As a Summary:

Who is this course designed for? Whether your learner loves, dislikes, or simply tolerates science, you’ll find that Dr. Dan’s Advanced Biology will open up a fun new way to approach the subject. Students benefit from Dr. Dan’s many years of Veterinary practice and teaching experience. Your child will be amazed at the unexpected and even silly things that Dr. Dan dreams up to make Advanced Biology fun and rewarding. Over the 16 week period, 124 videos cover the class material. Ideally, each video can be viewed more than once, paused, even slowed down or sped up for note taking or study purposes. Hearing Dr. Dan talk slowly will make you laugh and remember the material!

These videos are intended to engage the student into the masterpiece of God’s design. This course explores Advanced Biology through the lens of the two model approach comparing Creation versus Evolution.           

Dr. Dan’s Advanced Biology Course will lay a firm groundwork for students who want to take Science to the College Level. Prior students have stated that this course was really helpful for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) test and/or the Advanced Placement (AP) test. Many students also stated that they felt excellently prepared once they got to college!

If within the first 14 days (2 weeks ) of starting Dr Dan’s Advanced Biology course, you and your student feel like they are not ready for high school Advanced Biology, then please contact us! We will explore the various best options for learning, growth and excelling with Dr Dan’s Science!

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